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My name is Rickie Ruch. My wife Lynnette and I are the owners of Larco Industries Inc, which is the Canadian manufacturer for an all natural hot tub product called "The Natural Solution".

At Larco Industries Inc/The Natural Solution, we are committed to manufacturing only the highest quality all natural hot tub products. You can enjoy a natural hot tub experience without sitting in chemical soup. The Natural Solution products are all natural, 100% bio-based, and manufactured in an eco-responsible manner right here in beautiful Chilliwack, British Columbia.

My family and I have been using The Natural Solution products for many years and believe it's the best all natural hot tub product and hot tub cleaner/filter cleaner on the market.

We started using The Natural Solution for Hot Tubs after my wife developed skin issues from sitting in our hot tub that had the conventional chlorine pucks in it. She would get out of the tub with red, irritated, itchy skin, and her eczema would flair up badly because of the chlorine. It got to the point where she didnt want to use the hot tub anymore. I didnt blame her one bit. We began the search for something better.

When we found The Natural Solution, I was a bit leary at first but after getting in the hot tub the first time, I was hooked! There was no chemical smell and it was like sitting in a nice warm bath. Now, when my wife gets out of the hot tub, her skin is soft and smooth, not dry and itchy, and her eczema has become a non issue!! We've been using The Natural Solution ever since. It is so easy to use, and the tub stays so clean and clear.

Now that I am the Canadian manufacturer for this product, I am telling the world about natural hot tub products and The Natural Solution. I hope that you will have the same great experience that we've had. Why not share your experiences with family and friends (and us) and refer them to our on-line store for our entire line of hot tub chemical alternatives. Or, have them contact me directly. I would love the opportunity to chat with them about this amazing product. I know they will love it.

The Natural Solution by Larco Industries Inc. Proudly made in Canada!!

Rickie Ruch - Owner/Manufacturer

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